2019 South African Mint coins

The year is speeding to a rapid conclusion. The 2019 Mint issues were recently gazetted.

The S.A.Mint produces Legal Tender coins which requires that they are government gazetted. This makes them ‘officially official’ and, of course actual coins, and not medallions.

Next year we can look forward to the following releases:

  • 2019 Natura: Cradle of Humankind – Hominids
  • 2019 Protea: Life of a Legend: Nelson Mandela
  • 2019 Silver Crown and Tickey: South African Inventions: Polymer Putty
  • 2019 Silver Series: The Big Five
  • 2019 UNESCO Biosphere Series: From Kruger to canyons (Limpopo)
  • 2019 Proof Krugerrand: 2019 Date
  • 2019 Currency Series: 2019 Date

There are sure to be some extra surprises so keep an eye on Mycoins.co.za for the latest news.

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