All the best for 2019!

It is the new year and we can expect exciting things from both the numismatic and bullion sectors this year.

The South African Mint will soon be rolling out the 2019 South African Mint coins and don’t be surprised if there are some nice special issues that appear during the course of the year. The S.A.Mint is world famous for the quality of its coins, so be sure to check out the latest coins and sets.

2019 also marks the second year of the Silver Bullion Krugerrand. (Did you get your 2018 coin, the first year of issue?) The Silver Kruger kicked off with a serious bang and sales will only increase going forward. Of course, the local Bullion Silver coin has a lot of work to do to catch up to its international counterparts, such as the US Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf, but every journey begins with one step.

The metal prices have surged over the last few weeks as the US government remains in partial shutdown and the ‘Brexit’ chaos continues. Keep a close eye on the Gold and Silver prices.

Locally, the national elections will dominate the South African calendar and all eyes will be on the Rand. The rating agencies will also be keeping a close eye on developments. The South African economy has been struggling for too long and only serious action can avoid further deterioration.

So, plenty of interesting things happening in 2019, please visit regularly for the latest updates.

All the best for 2019!

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