2019 Protea continues the Mandela legacy

The South African Mint's next Protea installment will continue the legacy of Nelson Mandela. There will be a Gold Ounce, Gold Tenth Ounce, as well as Silver coins in the Proof and Uncirculated versions. The Life of a Legend: Nelson Mandela theme was originally intended to run for 12 years, but this no longer a … Continue reading 2019 Protea continues the Mandela legacy


The final month of the year has rolled around and so has load shedding. Our economy is already in recession and junk status to boot, and the latest round of load shedding certainly won't make the ratings agencies jump for joy. Industries, such as manufacturing, really suffer during power outages. Keep a close eye on … Continue reading December!

Rand gains as US Dollar loses

The South African Rand has made some excellent gains, which bodes well for the petrol price. The US Dollar suffered immensely as the US Fed indicated that they are looking to slow down on rate hikes, bringing a three year cycle to a close. The local currency is currently trading at the R13.65/USD mark.