All the best for 2019!

It is the new year and we can expect exciting things from both the numismatic and bullion sectors this year. The South African Mint will soon be rolling out the 2019 South African Mint coins and don't be surprised if there are some nice special issues that appear during the course of the year. The S.A.Mint is … Continue reading All the best for 2019!

Silver Bullion Krugerrands

The Silver Bullion Krugerrand saw its debut this year, and sales are going well. The Silver Krugerrand of 2017 was specifically launched to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Krugerrand, and based on that success, the Silver Bullion Krugerrand was given the green light. Silver Bullion 1 Ounce Krugerrands, like their Gold counterparts, are priced … Continue reading Silver Bullion Krugerrands