Rand gains as US Dollar loses

The South African Rand has made some excellent gains, which bodes well for the petrol price. The US Dollar suffered immensely as the US Fed indicated that they are looking to slow down on rate hikes, bringing a three year cycle to a close. The local currency is currently trading at the R13.65/USD mark.

Silver is the new Gold for Natura

The world famous Natura range of the South African Mint has always been produced in Gold. Not anymore. The 1 Ounce Silver Natura coin is a reality and features a 'cute' little critter chasing after a snack. There are plenty of long scientific words thrown into the mix as well. Silver is more affordable than … Continue reading Silver is the new Gold for Natura

2019 South African Mint coins

The year is speeding to a rapid conclusion. The 2019 Mint issues were recently gazetted. The S.A.Mint produces Legal Tender coins which requires that they are government gazetted. This makes them 'officially official' and, of course actual coins, and not medallions. Next year we can look forward to the following releases: 2019 Natura: Cradle of … Continue reading 2019 South African Mint coins

2018 Natura goes back, way back

The 2018 Natura series of the South African Mint takes us back into the distant past. The Natura range has traditionally featured four legged animals that inhabit the South African landscape, but this year the Mint has done something totally different: the Dinosaur. The S.A.Mint is known for the impressive quality of it's coins and … Continue reading 2018 Natura goes back, way back